Blakey’s Segs were invented in 1880 by John Blakey, a prolific inventor born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, who had previously designed many types of novel innovations mainly connected to shoe manufacturing machinery.


Probably his best idea and certainly his longest lasting invention (literally) was the idea of hammering protective pieces of metal into the soles and heels of shoes. These ‘segs’ – segments of metal – soon became a fundamental method saving of wear and tear on all types of footwear, from humble clogs to highly polished regimental boots.

Throughout the last century, millions of these nifty little shoe savers must have been sold, though during the last couple of decades their sales were maybe reduced by the growth in the rise of popularity of ‘throw away’ footwear. Many people simply wanted cheap fashion shoes that they didn’t expect to last beyond the next season’s new trend.

However, in recent years this attitude seems to have ben replaced more and more by the expectance that shoes need to last longer. The turning point was probably the recent period of recession and it has certainly gained momentum with the rise in popularity of the classic brogue.


The latest development in the long history of Blakey’s Segs came in 2014 when the Blakeys brand was acquired by H. Goodwin (Castings) Ltd., based in Walsall, West Midlands and the manufacturing machinery and equipment was transferred there from Leeds.

The original ¬†Blakey’s tradition and quality of service lives on, even if it no longer has a Yorkshire accent!

H. Goodwin pride ourselves in keeping the tradition of British Manufacturing and maintain that Mr. Blakey would be proud of every seg, whether shipped in the distinctive orange packs or in bulk today.

So, if you aren’t already offering Blakey’s Segs as an accessory maybe it is time you did?

Maybe you simply thought they weren’t available any more, consigned to history like the platform sole and the winkle picker?

Don’t worry – the seg is back (actually it never went away)!

Order your next batch now – order via our online shop or contact us.

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