Check out this original packaging.

Blakey’s are synonymous with history. Dating back to 1902 they have been manufactured at the same foundry in Armley for over 100 years.

A wealth of original packaging, from all over the world is currently being catalogued and put online. If you’re interested, keep an eye on this site, or follow us on Twitter to be kept in touch with all things Blakey’s.

The Original (and best) Shoe Protectors now available online.

Blakey’s: The Original & Best Shoe Protectors have a new home.

Produced in England since 1902, the Blakey’s brand has lead the way in quality shoe protection. Now, a century on, Blakey’s are available to purchase worldwide from this brand new site. The NEW home of Blakey’s.

To order your Blakey’s, simply click on ‘Shop’ and off you go. Bulk orders can be directed to our sales team on 01922 633511 or via the contact page on this site

Blakey’s – Guaranteed protection to all your cherished footwear!

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